E-mail, Voice Mail and Unified Messaging
We manage all e-mail services for your company, eliminating the need for maintaining or upgrading your e-mail server or software. We utilize anti-virus and anti-spam software.

We provide full voice mail services (see Voice Mail Features) with extensive retrieval, forwarding and automatic notification options which are fully customizable.

Unified Messaging converges your email, fax, and voice mail into one central mailbox. As a result, you can access and manage all three forms of communication from your computer or any telephone.

From your computer:
Have a visual display of voice, text, and fax messages.
Playback voice messages using the speakers on your computer.
Utilize speed control in message playback.
Forward voice mail messages as a .wav file attachment to an e-mail.
Receive inbound faxes and save them on your PC for archival purposes.
From your phone:
Listen to your email messages via text-to-speech capability.
Reply to an email message with a voice message.
Forward an email message with voice comments.